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Established in 2017 the Design and Manufacture Studio at Self Made creates first patterns, sampling, grades and production from 30 units. We have capabilities of manufacture depending on a brands individual requirements.


We can help you translate your Brand ideas into reality by Drawing up and Developing your Range Plan, Sizing, Fabrication and Trims through to Pattern Drafting, Cutting and Sampling. In our initial conversation, we will discuss you as a Brand, your Core Values, Beliefs, and your'e Ambitions. From this initial conversation, we will ascertain what your needs are and where we can facilitate the growth of your Ideas and Branding.


Prices for Manufacture vary on quantities and complexity of each garment and is charged at a unit rate.


There is a wide cross section of clients that use Self Made Studios ranging from new business start-ups such as Saint Belle, Cafe Mountain, Norishor, Peach Eyes and more established brands such as Freya Lillie and Lily Ella.

Self Made Studios can stitch most products including light tailoring, jersey, women's wear, children's wear and men's wear. We have also had diverse product manufacture requests from Home Furnishings to Tepee flooring. We have experience handling various fabrications to cater towards different clients needs. 


How it works at Self Made Studios.
As a client you can invest in the following processes depending on your brands requirements and areas of expertise:

- Initial Strategic Meeting - 30 Minute Free Consultation 

- Initial Design development

- Establishing Sizing for Target Customer 

- Discussion of Fabrication

- Range Planning 

- Sample Development Process
- Sample Specifications/Tech Pack

- Sample Approval

- Sample Modifications if any
- Place order for Patterns/Samples

- Place order for Grading and Manufacture

- Packing and Shipping for UK where required

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