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How it helps Your Business,
Our Employees and the
Local Regional Economy


Training - Why is this important to you?

Self made Studios are an efficient, quality assured organisation that have a passion for developing people. We have been in operation since 2017 and have trained individuals in garment construction and manufacture. Some of whom have left us to go onto further training in Higher Education. Our ambition is to develop training and skills in garment manufacture that aids the call for 'Made in Britain' and contributes towards making the North East great again in fashion design and manufacture. Our ethical ethos and growth can aid your growth as a business. Developing people and products that have strong narratives.

The Advantages to your Business Development?
Under the guidance of sampling and production veteran Hannah Watherston we have put in place a clear focused training plan that allows our staff to develop from one area of expertise to another.
The training augments our offering to your business as we have high expectations on quality assurance, delivery times and schedules.

The Advantages to those who wish to Work and Train with us?

Our training is not as yet under a certified umbrella. However, the testimonials of our staff and where they have gone on to work is evidence of our high achievements and aspirations.

Our Staff have Experience in:

  • Design Development

  • Range Planning/Fabrication

  • Tech Packs 

  • Developing samples for Clients

  • Professional Pattern Making

  • Pattern Lays and Cutting

  • Manufacture over a wide variety of Industrial Machinery

  • Trimming and Quality Assurance

  • Packing and Delivery

  • Mentorship

  • Peer Mentoring

  • Production Management

  • Packing and Shipping

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